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This is no joke. Changing a break light is really a two-person job. So when another driver kindly let me know that mine was out last Saturday, it didn’t take me long to start wishing I was married. I prayed to God and asked Him for a husband. I know how to buy a light bulb at PepBoys and change it out. I just needed someone to tell me which light was out while I stepped on the break and to confirm that the new one worked after I replaced it. In my experience, this is not something the employees at PepBoys are eager to do. Understandably, they would rather do the whole job for me and charge me fifty bucks.

Surprisingly enough, God did not give me a husband on Saturday. Instead, within ten minutes of my prayer, he brought me a neighbor who was walking his trash out. I don’t remember ever seeing this particular neighbor before, but I decided to ask for his help anyway. I only asked him to tell me which light was out, but he offered to take it out for me so I could take it to the store to find the replacement. It was too difficult to remove on the first try, and he had to leave to take his daughter to work, but he came back half an hour later and completed the job for me. I was humbled by his kindness and God’s provision. Not only was my break light replaced conveniently, I met a good neighbor and learned (again) that God supplies all of my needs. And He may yet answer that prayer for a husband….it’s just taking longer than ten minutes!