There are already many people who write about joy, as evidenced by the difficulty of finding an unused domain name involving the word “joy.” I am not an expert on joy, but it is my middle name. I also think I have something to add to the discussion as I find joy in places that don’t win poetry contests. I don’t spend my days living on a sun-drenched farm growing my own organic food, but as I head east on my commute home, I can see the sun set in my rear-view mirror and remember that God loves me. I don’t raise children, teach students, care for the sick, or work in full-time ministry, activities universally recognized as meaningful and significant. Instead, I spend most of my time in front of a computer, looking at numbers that relate to making soup. Yet somehow there is meaning and significance and joy to be found in this life and in doing everything to the glory of God.



FTC Blogging Disclosure

I do not receive gifts, money, reciprocal postings, or any other type of compensation from any product manufacturers or service providers. I purchase or borrow the books I review, or I receive them as gifts from friends and family. If I recommend a book or a website, you can be sure that it’s my own biased opinion!


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